Detailed Translations for respect from English to Swedish


respect [the ~] nomen

  1. the respect (esteem; regard; estimation)
  2. the respect (appreciation; esteem; regard)
  3. the respect (admiration)
  4. the respect (esteem; awe; regard; observance; deference)
    aktning; högaktning; erkännande; respekt
  5. the respect (honour; deference; honor)
  6. the respect (veneration; worship; reverence; )
  7. the respect (observance)

to respect verb (respects, respected, respecting)

  1. to respect (hold in great esteem; esteem; have a high regard for; )
    • högakta verb (högaktar, högaktade, högaktat)
  2. to respect (keep to it; obey; stick to; keep promise)
    hålla ord
    • hålla ord verb (håller ord, höll ord, hållit ord)
  3. to respect (admire; cherish)
    beundra; repetera
    • beundra verb (beundrar, beundrade, beundrat)
    • repetera verb (repeterar, repeterade, repeterat)

Conjugations for respect:

  1. respect
  2. respect
  3. respects
  4. respect
  5. respect
  6. respect
simple past
  1. respected
  2. respected
  3. respected
  4. respected
  5. respected
  6. respected
present perfect
  1. have respected
  2. have respected
  3. has respected
  4. have respected
  5. have respected
  6. have respected
past continuous
  1. was respecting
  2. were respecting
  3. was respecting
  4. were respecting
  5. were respecting
  6. were respecting
  1. shall respect
  2. will respect
  3. will respect
  4. shall respect
  5. will respect
  6. will respect
continuous present
  1. am respecting
  2. are respecting
  3. is respecting
  4. are respecting
  5. are respecting
  6. are respecting
  1. be respected
  2. be respected
  3. be respected
  4. be respected
  5. be respected
  6. be respected
  1. respect!
  2. let's respect!
  3. respected
  4. respecting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for respect:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aktning awe; deference; esteem; estimation; observance; regard; respect
beundran admiration; respect
dyrkan adoration; deference; regard; respect; reverence; veneration; worship adoration; devotion; devoutness; godliness; piety
erkännande awe; deference; esteem; observance; regard; respect acknowledgement; admission; confession; thanks; unburdening
högaktning awe; deference; esteem; observance; regard; respect
iakttagande observance; respect observance
respekt awe; deference; esteem; observance; regard; respect
tillbedjan adoration; deference; regard; respect; reverence; veneration; worship adoration
uppskattning appreciation; esteem; regard; respect acknowledgement; appreciating; appreciation; assessment; estimate; estimation; price quote; quotation; quote; thanks
vördnadsfull uppmärksamhet observance; respect
ära deference; honor; honour; respect accolade; achievement award; fame; glory; honor; honour; pride; sense of honour; token of appreciaton; tribute
- deference; esteem; obedience; regard; respectfulness
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beundra admire; cherish; respect adore; glorify; idolise; idolize; worship
hålla ord keep promise; keep to it; obey; respect; stick to
högakta esteem; esteem highly; have a high regard for; hold in great esteem; praise; respect; value highly
repetera admire; cherish; respect practice; practise; redo; rehearse; repeat; resume
ära credit; honor; honour
- abide by; esteem; honor; honour; observe; prise; prize; regard; value
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beundra admire

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Related Definitions for "respect":

  1. behavior intended to please your parents1
    • he went to law school out of respect for his father's wishes1
  2. a courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard1
    • be sure to give my respects to the dean1
  3. courteous regard for people's feelings1
    • out of respect for his privacy1
  4. (usually preceded by `in') a detail or point1
    • it differs in that respect1
  5. an attitude of admiration or esteem1
    • she lost all respect for him1
  6. a feeling of friendship and esteem1
    • he inspires respect1
  7. the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded)1
  8. regard highly; think much of1
    • I respect his judgement1
  9. show respect towards1

Wiktionary Translations for respect:

  1. admiration for a person or entity because of perceived merit
  1. to have respect for
  2. to have regard for the rights of others
  3. to abide by an agreement

Cross Translation:
respect respekt respect — eerbied uit hoogachting of angst
respect pietet PietätRespekt, Achtung, Ehrfurcht, speziell vor den Toten
respect respekt RespektAchtung und Wertschätzung gegenüber jemandem/etwas; meist bezogen auf eine andere Person, aber auch Tiere, Gruppen, Institutionen, Länder, Kulturen und Weltanschauungen
respect respektera respektieren — (transitiv) jemanden oder etwas achten, Respekt zeigen
respect anseende Ansehen — hohe Meinung, die man von jemanden/ etwas hat
respect aktning AchtungRespekt, Ehrfurcht und/oder Wertschätzung vor jemandem oder etwas
respect hastighet; tempo; anblick; anseende; vy allurefaçon d’aller, de marcher.
respect observera observer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
respect respekt; undseende respectsentiment de considération, d’égard envers quelqu’un ou quelque chose, manifesté par une attitude déférente envers celui-ci ou celle-ci.
respect ha respekt för; respektera respecterhonorer, révérer, porter respect.

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