Detailed Translations for miss from English to Swedish


to miss verb (misses, missed, missing)

  1. to miss (overlook)
    missa; förbise
    • missa verb (missar, missade, missat)
    • förbise verb (förbiser, förbisåg, förbisett)
  2. to miss (overlook)
    missa; se förbi
    • missa verb (missar, missade, missat)
    • se förbi verb (ser förbi, såg förbi, sett förbi)
  3. to miss (be missing; be missed; lose; be lost)
    vara saknad
    • vara saknad verb (är saknad, var saknad, varit saknad)
  4. to miss (throw off the mark)
    kasta förbi
    • kasta förbi verb (kastar förbi, kastade förbi, kastat förbi)

Conjugations for miss:

  1. miss
  2. miss
  3. misses
  4. miss
  5. miss
  6. miss
simple past
  1. missed
  2. missed
  3. missed
  4. missed
  5. missed
  6. missed
present perfect
  1. have missed
  2. have missed
  3. has missed
  4. have missed
  5. have missed
  6. have missed
past continuous
  1. was missing
  2. were missing
  3. was missing
  4. were missing
  5. were missing
  6. were missing
  1. shall miss
  2. will miss
  3. will miss
  4. shall miss
  5. will miss
  6. will miss
continuous present
  1. am missing
  2. are missing
  3. is missing
  4. are missing
  5. are missing
  6. are missing
  1. be missed
  2. be missed
  3. be missed
  4. be missed
  5. be missed
  6. be missed
  1. miss!
  2. let's miss!
  3. missed
  4. missing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

miss [the ~] nomen

  1. the miss (Ms.; madam)
  2. the miss (mistake; failure; error; miscalculation; blunder)
    misstag; miss; bkunder; felsteg
  3. the miss (blunder; failure)
    misslyckande; miss; blunder

Translation Matrix for miss:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bkunder blunder; error; failure; miscalculation; miss; mistake
blunder blunder; failure; miss blooper; blunder; blunders; enormity; howlers; mistake; slips
felsteg blunder; error; failure; miscalculation; miss; mistake lapses; slips
fröken Ms.; madam; miss
miss blunder; error; failure; miscalculation; miss; mistake
misslyckande blunder; failure; miss breaking down; coming to a standstill; defeat; failing; failure; fall-through; fiasco; flop; let down; reaching a deadlock
misstag blunder; error; failure; miscalculation; miss; mistake blunder; blunders; error; fault; flaw; howlers; incorrectness; lapses; mistake; mistakes; oversight; slip; slips
- fille; girl; misfire; missy; young lady; young woman
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förbise miss; overlook overlook
kasta förbi miss; throw off the mark
missa miss; overlook be absent; be lacking; be missing; be mistaken; lack; make a mistake
se förbi miss; overlook
vara saknad be lost; be missed; be missing; lose; miss
- drop; escape; lack; leave out; lose; neglect; omit; overleap; overlook; pretermit
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bomskott miss
felkast miss
förfela fail; miss

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Related Definitions for "miss":

  1. a failure to hit (or meet or find etc)1
  2. a young woman1
  3. leave undone or leave out1
    • How could I miss that typo?1
    • The workers on the conveyor belt miss one out of ten1
  4. fail to experience1
    • Fortunately, I missed the hurricane1
  5. fail to reach1
    • The arrow missed the target1
  6. feel or suffer from the lack of1
    • He misses his mother1
  7. fail to reach or get to1
    • She missed her train1
  8. fail to perceive or to catch with the senses or the mind1
    • I missed that remark1
    • She missed his point1
  9. fail to attend an event or activity1
    • I missed the concert1
    • He missed school for a week1
  10. be without1
    • There is something missing in my jewelry box!1
  11. be absent1
    • The child had been missing for a week1
  12. A line of code that was not executed by a test.2

Wiktionary Translations for miss:

  1. unmarried woman
  2. a failure to hit
  3. a failure to obtain or accomplish
  1. to be late for something
  2. to fail to attend
  3. to fail to understand
  4. to avoid
  5. to feel the absence of someone or something
  6. to fail to hit

Cross Translation:
miss fröken Fräuleinledige junge Frau
miss utesluta; utelämna auslassen — aus einer Menge etwas nicht heranziehen, nicht verwenden
miss sakna; undvara entbehren — K|trans.|gehoben das Nichtvorhandensein einer Person beziehungsweise einer Sache als persönlichen Mangel empfindend erdulden müssen
miss missa verpassen — ein Ereignis nicht miterleben
miss försumma versäumen — etwas, das erforderlich wäre, nicht tun
miss fröken mademoiselle — (familier, fr) Employé pour s'adresser à une femme en soulignant son jeune âge ou son statut de femme célibataire. Au Québec, il n'est employé que pour qualifier de très jeunes filles.
miss saknas; missa manquer — (vieilli) faillir, tomber en faute.
miss utelämna omettremanquer, soit volontairement, soit involontairement, à faire ou à dire ce qu’on pouvait, ce qu’on devait faire ou dire.
miss missa rater — Ne pas partir, en parlant d’une arme à feu. (Sens général).
miss sörja över regretter — Avoir du déplaisir de la perte, de la privation de quelque chose

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