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Detailed Translations for gobbling from English to Swedish


gobbling [the ~] nomen

  1. the gobbling (smacking)
    smackning; glufsande
  2. the gobbling (gulping; scoffing)

Translation Matrix for gobbling:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
glufsande gobbling; gulping; scoffing; smacking
smackning gobbling; smacking smacking

Related Words for "gobbling":

gobbling form of gobble:

to gobble verb (gobbles, gobbled, gobbling)

  1. to gobble (guzzle)
    vräka i sig; glufsa i sig
    • vräka i sig verb (vräker i sig, vräkte i sig, vräkt i sig)
    • glufsa i sig verb (glufsar i sig, glufsade i sig, glufsat i sig)
  2. to gobble (cluck)
    skrocka; klucka
    • skrocka verb (skrockar, skrockade, skrockat)
    • klucka verb (kluckar, kluckade, kluckat)

Conjugations for gobble:

  1. gobble
  2. gobble
  3. gobbles
  4. gobble
  5. gobble
  6. gobble
simple past
  1. gobbled
  2. gobbled
  3. gobbled
  4. gobbled
  5. gobbled
  6. gobbled
present perfect
  1. have gobbled
  2. have gobbled
  3. has gobbled
  4. have gobbled
  5. have gobbled
  6. have gobbled
past continuous
  1. was gobbling
  2. were gobbling
  3. was gobbling
  4. were gobbling
  5. were gobbling
  6. were gobbling
  1. shall gobble
  2. will gobble
  3. will gobble
  4. shall gobble
  5. will gobble
  6. will gobble
continuous present
  1. am gobbling
  2. are gobbling
  3. is gobbling
  4. are gobbling
  5. are gobbling
  6. are gobbling
  1. be gobbled
  2. be gobbled
  3. be gobbled
  4. be gobbled
  5. be gobbled
  6. be gobbled
  1. gobble!
  2. let's gobble!
  3. gobbled
  4. gobbling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for gobble:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
glufsa i sig gobble; guzzle
klucka cluck; gobble
skrocka cluck; gobble chortle; chuckle; gloat; snicker; snigger; titter
vräka i sig gobble; guzzle banquet; eat heartily; feast
- bolt

Related Words for "gobble":

Synonyms for "gobble":

Related Definitions for "gobble":

  1. the characteristic sound made by a turkey cock1
  2. make a gurgling sound, characteristic of turkeys1
  3. eat hastily without proper chewing1

Wiktionary Translations for gobble:

Cross Translation:
gobble sluka engloutir — Avaler gloutonnement
gobble sluka engloutir — Consumer les biens
gobble sluka engloutir — Faire disparaître dans un abîme